Sunday, 10 May 2009

May it please the court...

This blog is primarily interested in three things:

1. The arduous road to Pupillage

2. Goings-on in the law - in a general sense, but with an emphasis on judicial review and human rights law.

3. Other things that catch my fancy - most probably notes on the latest juicy music releases.

I've tried to lay out the blog in a useful way: there are feeds from other great law-related blogs (which try to tap into the burgeoning legal blogosphere); there are feeds from the House of Lords, Court of Appeal (Civil) and Administrative Court; and there are a few of my favoured music blogs towards the bottom (which probably isn't of interest to most!).

A little about myself: I'm 23, I am originally from Sussex but am currently living in London, studying for an LL.M at the University of London. My first degree was in philosophy, politics and economics (PPE) from Durham University and then I did the GDL. I am interested in becoming a barrister - the primary reason is how it fuses together the academic and the practical. I'm an enthusiast of public law generally but specifically judicial review.

I hope that the posts on the this blog are brief, interesting and timely. Essentially, I won't be posting everyday but I will post when I have something to contribute.

Since it's my first post, I thought I'd give everyone (who's interested in j.r.) a present:


The fifth edition of Michael Fordham's amazing Judicial Review Handbook has come out and he has provided - for free - all the relevant case synopses. All 1,339 pages of the stuff. Crikey. If you're interested in JR this is the motherlode.

'Till next time (which will be quite soon - there are hot topics afoot: 1) Merging the Temple libraries, 2) Pupillage Portal, 3) Weaver v London and Quadrant (CA) etc etc).



  1. Hi W! Welcome to the blawosphere! Happy posting! I'll post a link up to you from my humble musings forthwith.

  2. Great to see yet another recent addition to the inner sanctum of UK blawgs. I'll added you to my blogroll over at Law Actually!

  3. Welcome and thanks for the link (and your comment). Of course, if you are interested in JR, Nearly Legal is not a bad place to check from time to time ;-)

  4. Good to see another UK Blawger - look forward to hearing more from you!

  5. Gosh, what nice people you are! I can tell I am going to enjoy this 'blawging' experience :o)